I’ve been at this a long time. I took a break for about 20 years but I’m back finishing all the projects I started when I was 10.

I created Chaosmos and the upcoming game Calamity, Inc. and GROWL. I am the producer and mission designer of Battlestations Second Edition with Gorilla Games, and its sequel Dirtside. I also worked on Dungeons are Dangerous and several other games for Breaking Games, including [censored for now], a strategy card game based on the dark superhero television miniseries.

I also make documentaries. I’ve worked on Bar Rescue and Naked and Afraid. I am the producer and editor of the Showtime documentary film Pauly Shore Stands Alone, and of the followup 6 episode series.

My next major creative project is the massively ambitious Calamity, Inc, a legacy-style (continuously changing) board game that features characters who age and grow over several years as mysterious events plague their small Virginia town. Coming one day.