Battlestations: Advanced Rulebook (only)


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Serving as a Field Guide to ship-to-ship combat and boarding actions, this Universal Republic Expeditionary Forces Training Manual for Battlestations: 2nd Edition is jam-packed with advanced rules of play, ship layouts, special abilities, equipment, treasure, and dozens of new missions co-written by renowned designers, including Richard Garfield, James Ernest, Ken St. Andre, Joey Vigour, and Jay Little.

This book contains the definitive complete Second Edition rules.


  • 60+ missions (including 35 inspired or designed by guest designers including Richard Garfield)
  • 30 Species
  • 140+ Special Abilities
  • 12 Modules
  • 120+ Pieces of Personal Equipment
  • 50+ Cargo Bay Items
  • 150+ Treasure Items
  • 100+ Starship Layouts

You can play as one-off missions or use the Galactic Civil War campaign system.

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