GROWL – 200 plastic card sleeves, 5 unique backs


200 card sleeves for GROWL and all 4 expansions.

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200 card sleeves for GROWL (enough to sleeve all main deck cards, plus all cards in all 4 expansions, plus bonus sleeves for players to add some cards for playing higher player counts).

140 Growl “cursed idol” backs, 30 Spells backs, 10 Night backs, 10 Final Night backs, and 10 Undead backs (for owners of the 7 Sins + Undead expansions).

All cards with the Spells icon in the upper right (the blue shield) should be sleeved with the Spells back, other than the 2 Night cards with that icon.

These sleeves are very high quality (unlikely to tear), and matte (not too slippery). They fit inside the Howly Growly version of the box. If you have the basic version of the box, you might consider upgrading to the Howly Growly so you can slot the card sets and expansions vertically.


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