The Worst Game Ever


A card game embracing everything one could hate about games, gaming & gamers. Created to be silly, but turned out to be a fun little game.

Kingmaking? Gloating? Cheating? Recursion? Silliness? Player Elimination? Broken Cards? Denial? Kibitzing? Ganging up? All this and more are packed into this tiny game, each with its own card and effect on the game making this The Worst Game Ever.The goal is to have the most tokens when any player runs out. Players take turns attacking one another with a die roll to take tokens and play cards to affect the game.

2-8 players,Ages 8+, 20-30 minutes

Designed by Jeff Siadek

Fulfilled by Vigour Games and Gorilla Games

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Dimensions 17 × 11 × 3 cm