A wandering peregrination onto the planet Sykloakis…

Chaosmos has an incredibly rich mythology but it’s very subtle in the way it is integrated into the gameplay. The planet Sykloakis is the home of Neeksi, a female scavenging bile-tract parasite who makes her home in a series of giant megafauna ungulate creatures (the Great-Hosts) which have evolved in symbiosis with the Merdivz (the parasites) on Sykloakis. Neeksi’s is the clan-mother (Khatun) of her tribe and she needs the Ovoid of popular lore to ensure the survival of her clan.

The Great-Hosts of Sykloakis
Neeksi, Clan-Mother of the Merdivz, holding a worm-book.
Antimatter Storm weapon. Notice the rival Merdivz and the Great-Hosts in the background.

The Great-Hosts are somewhat controlled by the chemical secretions of our slimy little heroes, and can be moved into positions for when the wars break out. The Merdivz pop out of various cavities and blast each other.

Neeksi takes aim with a Sludge Cannon. Don’t ask what is in that thing.


I’m currently working with my long-time collaborator, William Tombs, to come up with a powerful cover for the Chaosmos expansion. William wanted to delve more into Sykloakis and the lifestyles of the Merdivz… so this is his first sketch and I’m loving it so far. It’s all out war, and visuals you have never seen before. I can’t wait.

To keep up with the development of the Chaosmos, go to temple.launchrock.com and enter your email address. I’ll let you know when I have another update.


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