Announcing Chaosmos: The Temple

I’m hard at work on Dirtside, the sequel to Battlestations, to be published by Gorilla Games next year. But I also had some time to get design work on The Temple closer to done.

Spying, hoarding, deceiving, stashing and sneaking… now with diplomacy, machinations, alliances, betrayals, and wild new abilities!

The Temple is an expansion to the board game Chaosmos, allowing for alliances and betrayals, as well as tech advances that allow you to prepare for the future by altering your powers and the rules of the game themselves!

Up to 6 players can now face off in the epic struggle over the Ovoid, and new cards guarantee a universe of ingenious new strategies. Four new aliens join The Hunt, bringing with them their strange and beautiful physics-bending racial abilities….

Look forward to the Kickstarter launch this summer. You can get on the mailing list for it here.

temple low


One response to “Announcing Chaosmos: The Temple”

  1. You are an amazing, busy guy! Wow!


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