Two free games for Halloween…



(I included one of the 4 expansions – don’t play with the expansion for several games)

GROWL with Curses Expansion

Rulebook (7 languages)– I am still cleaning up a few details with this.

Card Backs (for all cards other than Night/Final Night)

All 3 files in a .zip


Here’s the latest FAQ, which includes the latest rules for high player counts.

DARK UNIVERSE playtest kit (2-3 players, 5-10 minutes)

Here’s a 2 or 3 player bluffing/deduction/memory game I designed (with Jeff Siadek) inspired by the classic Universal monsters. The name is obviously temporary. Please forgive the unlicensed/stolen art; this game is just a prototype. It doesn’t have card backs, so just sleeve it with card sleeves that have an opaque backing.

I’m currently seeking playtesting feedback on it. It takes about 5 minutes to play. I hope you like it!

Have fun with these games and email me any feedback from the contact page.


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