Pre-Order Store for GROWL: Madness + Plagues now open!

They hunt us in the night… each bite bringing us closer and closer to beastly transformation. But these new bites are different… they also carry MADNESS with them. And the more mad we become, the easier it is for the wolves to single us out.

Madness is a new expansion for the card game GROWL. While previous expansions have given players more cards and special abilities, Madness focuses on the social in social deduction. Possessing both a Tainted Gold and a Tainted Bite triggers strange behaviors – madness. The behaviors reveal hints about player allegiances, so the meta gameplay is tied directly to the social deduction.

The Plagues expansion adds 10 new “plague night” cards, new Spells, and 30 Heresy tokens. On your turn you may give a Heresy token to a player you suspect is not on your team. When a Plague Night is revealed, everyone flips over any unrevealed tokens and the player or players who have the most heresy become victims of the plague! Depending on the plague, the “heretic” players may lose abilities or gain new, tougher, victory conditions. Some plagues can even turn the heretics into a new faction!

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