Introducing Bad Koalas!

The Koaladay Parade is here, and the koalas are smashing car windows, launching fireworks, and running amok in the street! Put the koalas into playpens or lull them to sleep with eucalyptus leaves… before they riot and take over the entire city! Coming summer 2021.

Here’s a new cooperative game I’m working on; it is for 1-4 players. It was designed as a solo game, but works fine with a team. You may reveal your hand to the other players since you are working together.

There are currently 3 versions available: BAD KOALAS PnP 2021_, Tabletop Simulator (go to the Workshop in Steam and search for Tabletop Simulator, then search for Bad Koalas), and – a web browser based version for computers or (god forbid) phones.

To play, locate an empty room (reset it if necessary), and have fun. Room codes:

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